Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Welcome To "The Jelly Toaster!"

Where to begin with this one?

I got in a car accident last Thursday. I was at a two-way stop sign, stopped, and looked. I know I stopped and looked in all directions because I was contemplating a bike route. Ryan and I bought bikes last week, and I was attempting to create a bike route to the Park and to work. After stopping and looking, I decided to go straight. Before I knew it, as I crossed the two lane intersection, my car and I were spinning. It's easy to place fault and blame, especially when dealing with insurance, but I'll leave that alone. I don't have any broken bones, but I am healing from some nasty bruises and whiplash. What was our only car sits at the wrecker waiting for an adjuster to let us know if it's totaled.

On to The Jelly Toaster...Ryan and I have been saving money to buy a car in the Fall. We've been talking about buying a new car for a couple of years, gone to car shows, read and researched the different cars that we're fond of. Well, when this all happened, we double checked our finances. We had a certain amount and said to each other....let's go and see what happens. We went and test drove a couple of cars that we've had our eye on that we knew we were interested in. There are some things that Ryan and I just know deep down, and we both knew deep down which vehicle we wanted before we even went. Of course, after the fact - we admit that to each other. After a day of driving and talking, we purchased a new car. It's a 2008 Honda Element that we named The Jelly Toaster.

Let's see - what have I gleaned from this experience so far.

In a nutshell, be conscious and aware when you're driving. They are huge metal machines that are not to be reckoned with. You are not invincible just because you are in a metal cage. When you're driving, drive.

Our bodies are amazing. Knowing how the body works is pretty interesting. I could feel my body doing the whole "fight or flight" thing during and right after the accident. And now it's healing itself. I haven't had to take pain medication - just ice, heat, rest, massage, and Epsom Salt soaks.

Family and true friends love and support you. Ryan came immediately to my rescue and has been dealing with the insurance companies and loving on me ever since. He's even taken a couple of days off to spend time with me. Our friend, Jim, dashed out of work to check on me and give me a ride home. Ryan was on his motorcycle, so I needed a way to get my stuff and me home. Jim and Choyer as well as our friend, Logan, offered up vehicles to the Jenkins'. Logan and Becky brought ice cream over - Soy!, of course...and my favorite flavor at that. Both of our parents have called to check on us a lot and give us advice and their love. Maranda, another friend, gave up a slot for a paying client to give me a massage the day after. A group of friends rearranged "Girls Day" so I could be there. Everyone has been so kind and nice.

Show gratitude. At first I had a hard time being appreciative for the new car. I had this guilt for having an accident and then spending money for a new car. I didn't feel like I deserved it! I admitted that to a friend, and she put it into perspective for me. Speak your gratitude. I am very grateful that we have been able to buy a new car, the one we've had our eye on for years. I am also grateful that everyone is safe and healthy.


Steve Miller said...

Whew! Close call with the wreck...and congrats on the new car!

Richie said...

I am glad you were not seriously injured. I know that wrecks can make you more sore the next day or two than you were just after. Great to have a massage therapist for a friend, heh.

The Jelly Toaster is a VERY nice looking auto. It sure is a long way from the Montero! Congratulations on it. You guys are so smart to save up for major purchases instead of going majorly into debt.

Take care and keep the blogs coming.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your purchase of the Jelly Toaster. You did good. We like your choice of the Element. Our neighbor Susie had one of those for awhile.
We have been thanking God for protecting you again. Isn't God good? Thanks for sending the picture of the landscaping. Both of you have done a good job. We love both of you very much. Mom and Dad

galit.viviana said...


so happy you are safe. car accidents can really give you a good shaking! I actually had two vehicular encounters in India. Just ended up with a sprained ankle. They don't believe in lanes! I miss you and the girls bunches.
Enjoy the jelly toaster.



Funky Cold Medinas said...

Whoa. Glad you're okay. And my brother has one of those "box cars" and though I made fun of it at first, I drove it and it really is quite roomy and comfy, so enjoy your jelly toaster!

Hollie said...

Awesome. I'm so glad you're alright. And your new car is PHAT! We not only say things are "sweet", or "tight" but we say "sweet AND tight!" I think this situation calls for a sweet and tight! :) hee-hee!

Steve Miller? Oh my word...does THAT bring back memories or WHAT!? I have GOT to get in touch with him.

And wait...is that MY Richie? He has a blog, so I don't think that would be him since this "richie" signed on anonymously.

Lastly, I have a friend who could use your advice. She's in a tough spot right now and you came to mind immediately. Here's her blog. She posted today, May 12th with some pretty weighty stuff. www.asahandtara.blogspot.com They also have a link on my blog The Hudgins. Her name is Tara. Thanks girl.