Saturday, December 15, 2007

T'was The Night For Love - Santa Love

T'was The Night Before Christmas is NOT the story for us this season; this year a new man is in town, and he has his own story. It's the story of Santa Love! Before we share his story, we'll provide you with some much needed background information, or it could be me making a long story...even longer.

When it comes to decorating for the holidays, I much admire the white icicle lights and battery operated white light window candles. White lights on the trees, and beautifully handmade white snowflake ornaments (probably from a unique artisan who has a workshop in Maine and whittles them from a special white oak tree) are such a cozy sight. It's like Southern Living at its finest! I picture a warm fire, eggnog being served in, of course, white mugs, and men and women in matching argyle sweaters. It's really quite nice....BUT...

At the Jenkins' we don't play like that! Our first Christmas I mentioned hanging those lights on the outside of our house, and Ryan was appalled. "No Way", he says. "If we're putting lights out, they're going to be colored bulbs and big ones at that." So, it begins. We don't aspire to be The Griswolds in Christmas Vacation (even though I bet they have a fun family Christmas), but we do like the colorful slightly over the top decor's fun and joyful!

As I shared this story at work, a friend said she had been holding on to something special for a few years and she firmly believed it had just found a new loving home. We named him...Santa Love.

Santa Love was originally bought in New Orleans at a hardware store for the creator of a cartoon that aired on Cartoon Network called The Oblongs. From what I understand, the creator chooses to illuminate the rooms in his home with decorations like pigs rather than society's normal desk lamp. Being that he lived in San Francisco and Santa Love was purchased in Louisiana, the shipping dilemma began. It would have been cheaper for her to buy Santa Love a plane ticket than actually ship him through the United States Postal Service. With my friend not knowing how safely he would arrive at The Golden Gate Bridge, especially if he was not on a non-stop flight, she held on to him. Well, then came Hurricane Katrina. Santa Love resided in mid-city on Clarke Street with his owner at the time. With the evacuations, she trusted the protection of her home to Santa Love and reluctantly left him to fend for himself. After 2 months, she was able to return to her home....EVERYTHING flooded and destroyed...EVERYTHING but 3 items: some silver, a guitar, and the unscathed Santa Love. Knowing he must have a determined and special fate, she's held on to him since...waiting for the perfect home for him.

After one of my massage sessions this week, I walked into the break room. The lights were off, but a radiant glow was coming from around the corner. As I turned the corner, there he was in all his glory. He was more amazing than I had pictured...and he was ALL MINE! He stands at about 3 feet tall and weighs in at about 3 pounds or less...a definite lightweight. He's dressed in a Santa outfit, holds a Wish List, and beams a dark skin tone. His only flaw....a broken off pipe which now looks like the burning end of a smoked cigarette. He's beautiful. He's the newly named and warmly welcomed into the Jenkins' family - SANTA LOVE!!

Ryan suggested placing him on the roof. My response - "Not even a possibility for someone so fantastic. Get your own Santa for that!" He's staying safe and protected in the warm walls of our home. He's part of the family now. He's going right in the middle of the living room...where he belongs!

To view him, you'll have to come to the Jenkins' home. Be prepared to have your picture made with him. All guests have the opportunity. We'll update the photos as people have time to come in and enjoy some special quality time with Santa Love this Holiday Season.

Thank you so much, Bethann! Your generous gift has earned a permanent place in the life, the memories, and the legacy known as...The Jenk Adventure!

Chaco's Fascinated

New Family Portrait

Face to Face

Chad, Fawn, and Caedmon made the trek from Georgia to visit Santa Love!

Jim & Choyer come over to dine with Santa Love.

Jolynn and Maranda flirting with Santa Love.

The K Browns!


Anonymous said...

LMAO! Love it!


Funky Cold Medinas said...

Maybe I'll have to superimpose myself with Santa Love since I won't be able to stop by your love shack. By the way, does Santa Love stay up all year, or is he hidden in some remote closet until his season begins?