Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Gone With The Wind

Ok...I was born and raised in Georgia, and for so long was ashamed that I had never sat down and watched Gone With The Wind in its entirety. Since I've been sick for awhile, I've had some down time. After searching through our assortment of movies and wondering why we own so many and can't quite find ONE we want to watch, Ryan and I pulled out the Margaret Mitchell classic. I said I had always wanted to see it, and probably since I've been under the weather, he agreed to the viewing. It wasn't until it started that I shared with him it was nearly 4 hours.
We watched and watched, and took pee breaks and flipped the DVD over like a record to watch the second side. All the time wondering if there was a happy moment in this entire movie.
Now, I love my roots...don't get me wrong...but how depressing?!!! When Rhett Butler said his infamous phrase at the end and Scarlett walks back to Tara, the music starts and it FINALLY said - The End...we just looked at each other with this flabergasted look. What?!!!
Everybody dies, everybody's homes get destroyed, children are dying, people are racist, nobody ends up with the one they love, the nicest girl in the whole movie dies!
For it to be a classic, it was hardly one that either of us would watch again. And for it to win 10 Academy Awards...what?
Now to those of you out there who love or even like this movie, then more power to you. No hard feelings, but two thumbs down on this one. We both felt like we suffered through it more than enjoyed it.


Anonymous said...

i still haven't seen this movie, but from your blog i don't really know if I want to...although if we are going to cross it off our list I will watch it! Miss you! Love Bug

Funky Cold Medinas said...

The problem is you've got to read the book. The movie ends before the book does. It is a great classic, and the book gives you a little more hope than the movie does. I really hope Jeff gets me that movie for Christmas. He's never seen it either, and we are naming our little (not yet here) munchkin, Scarlett...for her good qualities, not the bad ones, but mostly because of the Southern heritage thing.

Sorry it depressed you. It's just such a rich film, full of ups and downs and all...don't read the sequel (wasn't written by MM) and comes across more as a trashy romance novel than anything. I could go on for years about this book. Can't believe you never read it. I was 9 the first time.