Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas Time!

Here are some photos of Christmas decorating,
our first snow this season,
and other random moments this month.

I'm making ornaments every year for River and my niece, Mallory, like my Nanny did. This year I made the owl.

Dada and River put the star on the tree!

Our little cabin in the woods

Santa Love still rocks!

The bottom third of the tree is left undecorated and without presents. We planned ahead.
River loves Santa Love

Dada and River make music

A buck out of our bedroom window.

This Wren Adventure deserves its own blog. Long story short. It flew out of our Christmas wreath when I walked outside. It flew into the back of my hair, and then got confused and flew into our house. I had to call Ryan in from work to help with the removal. It didn't take long for the wren to fly out the door. The removal involved some sheets, a couple of brooms, an open door, and lots of muscadine bird poop to clean up.

Santa receives a phone call

Our First Snow of the Season


Dee said...

Love the pictures. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas..

Harold said...

Loved the pictures. Thanks for sharing. See u soon...

Talina said...

All sorts of fun memories we made it seems! River is growing so fast too. Hope you had an amazing holiday season guys.