Saturday, August 21, 2010

Time To Make The Donuts

My new found interest....Donuts! My first real job was at Dunkin Donuts when I was 16. My bestfriend, Amanda, and I got a job there together. We made a lot of fun memories, but we didn't last long when they wouldn't let us work together anymore.

If you know Jody and me, then you know we've spent many hours drinking Dunkin Donuts coffee, eating their donuts, and solving all of the world's problems...or some of our own at least.

There's just something about a cup of coffee and a blueberry donut that makes me happy! It could be the sugar or the caffeine, but I'd like to give it deeper meaning.

Over the last few years, Ryan and I have grown an even deeper love of the donut when his parents brought donuts from a place near their town in Virginia. It's called Blue Collar Joe's, and every time they roll into Nashville for a visit, one of our first questions just happens to be - Did you bring Blue Collar Joe's?

You can check out their website and salivate over their Blueberry Cheesecake Donut, S'mores Donut, or any of their other donuts for that matter at

So, now I'm on a quest, a quest to make the perfect donut. I've tried making yeast and cake donuts. I'm definitely lovin' the cake more than the yeast. I try to make a new recipe every week (although I'm taking a short break right now). We even have our "little tasters." Some of our friends volunteered their tasting services, so we deliver them each time. That is our way of preventing some extra saddle bag growth on the hips. That's more for me than Ryan. Ryan gets bummed every week when I start divvying out the donuts for our friendly tasters.

I've made cinnamon/sugar, powdered, glazed, and chocolate frosted. The powdered ones and I don't get along very well. I haven't figured out how to make them adhere to the donut without melting. But they've all been good nonetheless. I'm still searching for the master recipe - a cake donut that's moist and fluffy.

Here are some photos of the new donut making adventures...


Ranger Josh said...

And you neighbors appreciate the random dropping off of Donuts. His future cardiologist appreciates it also.

Anonymous said...

Among your many talents add donut making. You know who would be glad to test these. Pappy and Grammy

Zinn said...

That sounds fun. I would love to make donuts! Would you be able to give me one or two of your successful recipes?


Ryan and Kari Jenkins said...

Ha! Successful donut recipes, Zinn? Some have been better than others, but how can you go too wrong with some fried sweet bread?!! Mine are still too dense.
The key has been the toppings for me. I'll let you know when I land a good one.
I've just been checking out the internet and recipe books and altering them for my taste.