Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Wild and Wacky Winter

I'm in complete agreement with Al Roker...It's been a Wild and Wacky Winter. I feel like I spend a good portion of every week trapped back in the woods because of the snow. Even now, I'm watching flurries STILL falling to the ground. It's definitely making me reconsider mine and Ryan's dreams of living in Alaska. I try and watch the meteorologists 7 day forecast to figure out when my snowy, hilly drive out to civilization may melt. At least it is giving me time to work on my Birthing From Within classes. I have a home study to complete by the end of March, and I started teaching my first group series, so I spend most of the week preparing during River's nap times. The snow is beautiful, but I'm almost done with it and yearning for Spring. But really, how often do Ryan and I get to break out the sled and act like children.....twice this year. I believe it's now our 4th or 5th snow...see I've already lost count. I do have this love/hate relationship with the white stuff.

Here are some pictures from the snow at the end of January. I'm not getting any of this round. With Ryan gone, it's hard maneuvering a camera and River.

River and Thomas having a snow day! This was the first day of snow. Josh is another Ranger at the Park. He, his wife, Anne Marie, and their son, Thomas, came over to play.

I think Thomas told River how much fun crawling was...since their visit, he's picked it up! Thanks, Thomas!!!

I wish these next pictures had sound effects! We had so much fun. We would take turns sledding, holding River, taking pictures, and video taping. If I ever figure out how to put video on the blog, I'll try and put one of our sled runs. We were laughing and screaming and loving life. I remember my last snow blog I mentioned needing a couple more inches for good sledding. Well, we got it this time.

Poor Ryan...I only got one picture. My picture taking ability is not that great, especially when holding River. He was a great sledder nonetheless.

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Talina said...

OMG, a real sled? Too freaking cool! I want one bad.