Saturday, February 28, 2009

One Month with River!

As of yesterday, River is One Month Old. I'm not sure if it's gone fast or slow. I guess it would depend on the moment you asked. I also thought we would blog more (at least more photos), but we've been in survival mode and now I THINK we are starting to switch to a more functional place. Here are some new photos of River's Adventures.

Business As Usual

First Valentine's Gift from Grammy and Pappy

Love Him!

Their favorite past time

River's First Bath

Uncle Derek meets River for the first time

Pappy gets some cuddle time

I love this pic of Grammy and River.

Jamina drops in for a quick visit.

River's First Sunday Pancake Lunch with Uncle Jim and Uncle Choyer.
*Get used to it. That's what we do on Sundays. Hike at Radnor and eat pancakes with the Boyz.

Ryan gets to come to Pancake Lunch. Once again, their favorite past time...zzzzzzzz

Uncle Jim with River after he dishes up his wonderful pancakes.

My Little Ewok.

We renamed The Moby Wrap....The Luke Skywalker.

Check out my big first cloth diaper.

What you lookin at?!


Anonymous said...

He's so cute!!!! I love these pictures, especially the ones of River's favorite pasttime.
Don't you wonder what he's thinking sometimes when he has those cute expressions on his face?(I've never believed that it's just gas).


Anonymous said...

Precious pictures of a precious grandson a product of precious parents and precious grandparents. Looking forward to our next visit. It cannot come soon enuff. Keep those pix coming.Love, Grammy and Pappy