Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Christmas Shopping? Any tips??

Christmas Shopping? The whole thing is bewildering to me.
First of all, I'm not a big shopper anyway...for which Ryan is always reminding me that he is grateful. On rare occasions, I'll get the shopping bug. For some reason, I'll have a little extra cash or it has been allotted in our monthly budget, and it's fun to search for the greatest deal and come back with a purchase and cash still in hand.
Second of all, it's a bit overwhelming...the gift, the perfect gift. I'm not one to just buy a gift for someone at random, wrap it up real quick, and throw it under the tree right before they walk in the door...just to pretend to look for it when I'm passing them out. I like to buy a gift that means something. Maybe I heard someone say they like this or are interested in that...when that's they case, I'm off - hightailing it...for the all-time perfect present (in my opinion). I find more joy in actually coming up with it, creatively brainstorming. I will say that yesterday I walked a few stores, and there are a few of you that showed yourself in the perfect gifts. Now, I just have to actually purchase them. Procrastination doesn't always work in my favor. But you see, when it's Christmas - I have to come up with the perfect gift for at least 20 people in a month's time.
At the end of every Christmas season, I say that I'll shop throughout the year. It sounds great, but it just doesn't happen. I admire the people I know that have their "gift" journal and buy and write the gifts down throughout the year or those who love Black Friday (Hats Off To Debbie!!), but it's the end of November and I'm wondering how I'm going to get 20 perfect gifts in a month's time.
So, for all you avid shopping guru's, please feel free to post any tips or ideas for how you do Christmas shopping. I would appreciate any advice you can give me for this season or the one that will come around again in about 365 days.

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Funky Cold Medinas said...

No tips here, but if you have someone who needs p.j.'s, Vickie's secret is selling them with a free pair of slippers for 29.50, and if you check out my friend Lori's blog, you can get an extra free pair of slippers for yourself! - - all for about 34 bucks. Not too shabby. http://www.bargainshopperlady.com/