Friday, September 21, 2007

High Hopes and Lofty Dreams

Today I was checking up on a friend with a new babe and their new baby's website. I was posting a comment and sent it from this blog site. Honestly, in the last 6 months or so, we've been sucked into the world of myspace and keeping in contact with people there and totally forgot about this one. I started reading our last blog and I was like - Wow! A lot has happened. Since most of our family would check this one, I propose a new idea. When we blog at one, we copy and paste it to the other. That way we keep in touch with family and friends. What a genius idea?!
We'll do a quick rundown...
My bestfriend did have her baby 4 weeks ahead of her due date like I anticipated. I made it just in time on March 8th. Emileigh Kate is beautiful, and Amanda and her are coming up next weekend for some "Auntie" time.

After our bathroom job, we did the kitchen...tiling, painting (walls and cabinets), lights, and hardware. We painted our bedroom and got a bedroom suite...which we've been wanting for 4 years.

I finished my Infant Massage Training, a Prenatal Massage Certification Course, and now I'm taking a Doula/Birth Assistant Training at the end of October. I'm still at Practical Massage Therapy and loving it.

We went on a vacation with some of our close friends this summer. We went to Alaska and had the time of our lives! We did everything from train riding to 4 wheel driving to helicopter glacier landings to seakayaking to watching humpback whales and hiking mountains You can check out our pictures at

I (Ryan is typing now) got a chance to see my sister (Jessica) a few months ago. Until then, I hadn't seen her in about 7 years! It was great to see her and great to see that she was doing well and hear how things were going in her world in Montana. Even though we only got to see her for an afternoon, it was like we picked up right where we left off.

Chaco is still the furry kid in the house. She rules the roost and loves sleeping on the bed and barking at the squirrels.

So now, we are just working and trying to enjoy ourselves here at home. We have some more things to do to the house still. I've also been playing music and have some shows coming up that I am excited about. Kari has been doing a lot of quilting and we've both been exercising a bunch. We get up at 5 am every morning to go to the YMCA. We are also trying to do more camping.

We'll keep you updated on new things and we'll try to do this more often...(we say that every time!) I'm sure we'll have plenty of things to talk about in the near future.

For now....Jenkins Out!


Funky Cold Medinas said...

So Amanda had her baby? Yay! Send me pictures of them both. And it's about time you two updated this blog. I was about to delete you from my regular checks...the Alaska pictures were awesome, but I'd never want to live there, or visit. I detest cold weather.

Anonymous said...

Hey about time you guys got back on your Blog. You get us hooked and leave us hanging. good thing for phone lines. I would start a blog Deb's adventures but wouldn't have time to write about them because I would be to busy experiencing them to write about them. That's what I would hope anyway. Kari when I find time I want to learn how to quilt so may call you for advice. You all take care and know I love you. Mom